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Skunk Aid Features

Skunk Aid Features

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Skunk Aid quickly and efficiently removes the skunk smell from your dog. All products are pre-measured and ready to use! All ingredients are safe and will produce no negative side effects. Skunk Aid is easy, safe, and hassle-free!

The Process: The dry mixture works to neutralize the skunk odor. The wet solution provides an additional cleaning of the dog's fur. Skunk Aid is different from other products on the market because we are an all-natural product that will not harm your dog.

About us

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The idea for Skunk Aid was developed after my dog Bella was sprayed by a skunk and I had no idea how to remove the smell. After weeks of testing other de-skunking products, none of them provided a safer,effective and easy way to remove the smell. My business partner and I created the Skunk Aid kit to efficiently, effectively, and safely provide dog owners a solution!

~ Nicole Relias

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